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Ace Interview Prep started with Vicki’s joy in helping young pilots and students achieve their goals. Besides being a flight instructor for over 40 years, Vicki has been mentoring dutch flight students in the Phoenix area for over 10 years and helping them to achieve their aviation dream jobs at KLM as well as other airlines. Vicki’s daughter is a pilot recently hired by the regionals and her husband is a private pilot. They have owned light aircraft most of their lives and continue to enjoy private aviation in their spare time.

Although Vicki’s experience is primarily with flight students and airline interviews, she has also prepped high school students for college entrance interviews, new college graduates interviewing for their first jobs as well as seasoned professionals interviewing for new positions. The skills are similar for a successful interview no matter what discipline.


“The method that stands out over some of the other companies you can hire is that Vicki doesn’t tell you what to say for a particular question; she instead guides you to find your own experience with that subject. That way everything I brought with me into the interview process was 100% me, which is what the interviewers at Southwest are looking to see.”

-D.B. Sept, 2018

"Your communication was excellent, quick response, to the point and effective. Your feedback was insightful and concise. You were flexible and available. I felt like you were 100% invested in my success."

-A.O. Nov, 2017

"I found this service outstanding as I had two concerns going into my SWA interview.  Vicki helped me overcome my self-imposed obstacles which really allowed me to be poised during my interview process.  Vicki helped me deliver honest and humble answers to some of the current line of questioning without being "rehearsed."  Poised and prepared is how I felt going into the interview.  Very thankful I was directed to reach out to Vicki by a current SWA pilot."

-J. H., Southwest Airlines interview 2017

"Ace Interview Prep was a life saver.  I hadn't interviewed in several years and needed a lot of help.  AIP gave me accurate information on the particular interview I was prepping for, provided constructive feedback, and helped me to navigate the whole hiring process.  I highly recommend AIP if you want a more personal and unscripted interview prep experience."  

                    -Rob M., Southwest Airlines Hired 2016

"Meeting with Vicki was the best thing I could do to prepare for my interview. She taught me what interviewers are looking for and showed me how to market myself. She helped me anticipate the most difficult questions and prepare my responses. And most importantly, she left me with the confidence to go into my interview relaxed, self-assured and ready to succeed!"

-T.H., FedEx Hired 2016

“I loved that I could email you with questions throughout the process. I think your background being on an interview panel yourself was a great advantage for me.”

-E.J., Delta Airlines hired Nov. 2016


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